Mustaches for Kids – America

Mustaches for Kids America is what happens when absurdity meets philanthropy.  M4K is comprised of chapters in cities across North America of dudes who grow mustaches for 30 days to raise money for local children’s charities.

Sounds awesome right? Since 1999 we have raised over $12,000,000 for local children’s charities and, more importantly, looked damn good doing it.

Each chapter starts completely clean-shaven at the beginning of the month and then, as our mustaches grow, so do the hearts of our friends and families who donate to our mustaches to support a local charity.

Interested in starting an M4K chapter in your town?  Just email and we’ll get in touch with you on how to do so. Anybody can do it, and you’d be a daisy if you do.

Want to help support M4K America as we start chapters all over this great country of ours? Just click below and THANK YOU for making America sexier.

2023 Chapter Results

Omaha: $1,100,923

Orange County: $142,000

Twin Cities: $103,000

Wilmington: $

Long Island $50,000

Nashville: $

Richmond $

Lynchburg $


2023 Grand Total: $1,395,923

2022 Grand Total: $2,744,302

Cory Lesley – Omaha

2023 National Leaderboard

1. Cory Lesley (OMA) – $38,803

2. Brian Moore (OMA) – $30,993

3. Doug Couron, (OMA) – $24,509

4. Jeff Hardy (OMA) – $24,220

5. John Lehotyak (OMA) – $23,014

6. Kris Covi (OMA) – $22,114

7. Tom Brantley (OMA) – $21,930

8. Greg Graham (OMA) – $21,880

9. Skip Lindgren (MIN) – $20,828

10. Jon Meyers (OMA) – $20,615

About Us

One of us almost went to clown school and may as well with his career choice. The rest of us are here to help you succeed in your fundraising by growing a mustache.

Contact Us

Reach out to us via email or BookFace. We would love to hear from you and start you on your journey raising a ton of cash for a kids charity.


These are our chapters. There are many like it, but these are ours. Our chapters are our best friends. They are my life. I must help them as I must master my life.